Overlanding 101. Everything you need to overland.

Let the adventure roll on!

Hey Crucible adventurers, Today is overlanding 101. I am going to tell you everything you need to be an “overlander”. First, you need to buy an adventure vehicle, don’t spend any less than $40,000 on the rig. You should be able to get that out of an arm and leg on the black market. Then you need to get yourself a 12v fridge/freezer for your food. Because a cooler just sucks to try to use for more than a few days. Next, you need to buy at least 100w of solar panels as well as some portable panels for outside base camp. Set up a backup battery or two, so you can run all the equipment that you need


Here is a list of the minimum gear requirements: Lights, fridge, GPS units at least 2, Ham radio and a CB radio. Then invest in a great Roof top tent as well as an awning to aget out of the sun. Then you need…. I’m just joking around. Look, the only things you need to be an “overlander” and “Forge an Adventure” is this a vehicle that you can put miles on. And an absolute unstoppable desire for adventure. 

I started my overland adventures in a 1995, Subaru Outback that had 200,000 miles already on it. I didn’t have any fancy equipment or gear; I had a sleeping bag and pad, and a desire to get lost in the wilderness around me. I did do a few things to improve the comfort and its capability, I dropped the back seats down and tinted the hell out of the windows. I also hung a curtain behind the driver and passenger seat so you couldn’t see into the sleeping area. I put a tote in the back with dehydrated food, water bottles and a cheap pocket stove that I bought from a discount store. I also did have a hand-held CB radio unit that I got for cheap on an eBay auction. I still remember the first two trips I took in that thing. The first was up Payson Canyon in Utah with a couple of friends that were driving lifted four-wheel-drive Ford Bronco 2 rigs. 


 It took me a little longer to get to the spot, and my poor subby was coated from hood to tailpipe in mud, but hey, I made it. I put the back seats down and laid out my sleeping pad and bag. Nothing special, but It was awesome. The second was a lot longer. I loaded up a couple of coolers with food and water and disappeared into the desert around the Goblin Valley area of Utah. I had no cell phone reception and nobody with me. It was honestly one of the most peaceful times of my life; I relaxed in the back cooking my dinner. Watching the clouds drift through the sky miles away from the nearest person. I watched the sunset with the back hatch wide open and the sounds of the fire crackling and popping just beyond the back of the car. Drifting to sleep with the call of the wild reverberating in my ears. Disrupted only by the distant howls of a few coyotes.  


 Guys, I am serious when I say this – all you need is some ingenuity and the burning fire in your heart to explore. There was this one trip, I use that term lightly in this situation. I wanted to go to a particular gun show here in Utah to get some ammo. This is around the time when .22 ammo was rare to come by and if you did you were limited to one or two boxes at most. A friend and I decided to go up a day early and camp out in the parking lot so that we could be the first in the doors. The security guard at the venue where the show was being held saw us and told us we couldn’t be in the parking lot yet. So, we talked for a minutes and decided to try and crash in the gas station parking lot next door. I had it easy with the tinted windows, drop down curtains and the pocket stove you wouldn’t have been able to even tell I was there. My friend, on the other hand, was trying to sleep in his driver’s seat and had to keep going into the gas station to buy stuff so they wouldn’t call the cops on him. I don’t think they would have but hey who could blame them for making some extra cash. Know this is in the middle of Salt Lake City, the Capital city in Utah and here in the parking lot you have these two crazy 24 year old’s camping out just for ammo. I still laugh to this day about that night, and some of the crazy things that happened. It was however, one of the best times of my life.  


Here is the thing though and I want to stress this. In my opinion, there are many kinds of Overlanders/Adventurers. You could be like me and disappear for days on end into the mountains or, you could hold up in your loft apartment reviewing your lines for your next shot at a Broadway stage. What I mean by that statement is this, no matter what your dream or goal is, the “adventure” that Crucible is talking about in our motto is just that. It’s the desire that is in your heart and is pushing you every day to LIVE. I honestly support everybody in their own adventures and continue to hope that all my overlanding family does the same. Get out there, stick your neck out and get dirty. Enjoy what life throws at you and remember to stay fluid, that way, you can shift your path to whatever your heart is screaming for. Keep it up, and keep the Crucible community up to date on your adventures. We really do enjoy hearing the stories from around the world. Let us know of your travels as well as your goals in the comments. You never know you may find someone else in this community on the same path. 


Thanks for dropping in. I do hope that my ramblings help you to get out there, and experience LIFE. Until next time. 

Crucible Cam 


Let the adventure roll on!

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