Elk Ridge Covert Stainless Steel Axe


Remain stealthy when on the hunt in a survival situation with our Covert Stainless Steel Axe. Whether kicking back practicing your throwing skills or chopping away on the trails it is always in style.

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Let the adventure roll on!

This Elk Ridge Covert Axe is an incredible piece of kit. The way this fits in you hand will make look at it as more than just a tool. It will become an extension of yourself. Being made entirely out of black stainless steel means that when properly cared for it will last for many years. It is 10.5″ is overall length with a 4″ blade that is ready to aid in all of you outdoor needs. The 3.7mm thickness means it will take a fair amount of abuse and keep on going. When not being used to chop down firewood or thrown at small game it stores away perfectly in the included Black Sheath.

Let the adventure roll on!
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