Hello from Crucible,

I want to take some time today to tell you about the most versatile piece of equipment we have on our rig. That is the ARB Rollout Awning size 2500×2500. This thing was the absolute best decision we have made towards being able to enjoy the world around us. We have used it Camping, shooting, fishing, family parties, and even a couple of parades. It’s so amazing to head out to the lake or desert and have shade anywhere anytime in less than 2 min. Let me tell you about just one the times this Awning saved the day. We had all gotten together for a family BBQ outside, we pulled out all the stops we had the horses out so the kids could ride around in the fields and the four-wheelers running for the adults. Were we were eating you could only see a portion of the field which made a few of the parents nervous not being able to see their kids on the horses or the four-wheeler except for that small amount of the field we could see. So what were the options stay under the tree in the shade and wonder about the kids safety, or move and stand out in the middle of the day sun. NO I pulled my Xterra out in the field and deployed the shade. We moved the tables and chairs over there and continued our day with piece of mind knowing we  could see the whole field.

I honestly can’t begin to explain just how often I use the awning even when I’m not camping for example one day at work we were out working on or 24ft box truck in the middle of a black top paring lot in July, that was absolutely horrible but I pulled the Xterra over unzipped the awning cover and was back to work with plenty of shade to hide in. We now have the room that attaches to it but I would dare say we will more than likely end up just using the awning with out more than with it. The room is pretty awesome to we have made that the party room/ Extra sleeping space more than a few times as well. It’s funny to watch me and a few friends race to see who can set up their sleeping area quicker. They are setting up the standard 2-3 person dome tent and me with the awning room and awning, its no comparison at all I’m done with that thing before they finish putting the first pole into the tent. I’m going to post a few pictures of the awning with and with out the room down below. Video of me setting the awning up. Video of me Setting up the awning room. You can also scroll to the bottom of this blog.

I don’t want to take to much of you time today but I just couldn’t wait to start telling you guys about this thing. The money was well worth it. Forgot to mention how much the 2 dogs love to sit under the awning and just hide out from the heat as well.

Hello from Crucible


Hello from Crucible Outdoors. I would like to take a few minutes of your time to introduce myself and to show you that no matter what kind of budget you have or what kind of time you have there is still away for you to get out and live life.

I’ll start off telling you a little about that crazy Nissan Xterra posted in the picture above. I enjoy the outdoors a lot but never had time to pack up and enjoy it like I wanted to. Working 100+ hours every two weeks and having a small budget to get equipment I set out on a journey to build something that I could use in multiple scenarios. First a little about myself I grew up on a farm in Utah, learning from my grandpa that every thing can be improved upon with just some cowboy motivation, a whole lot of creativity and some elbow grease you can make anything you want. Because of that lifestyle, I decided one day that I could figure out a way to be able to go camping on a moments notice and have everything I needed to enjoy and I mean really enjoy being outdoors and still having enough creature comforts to help other people start venturing into the wilderness and opening their minds to the possibilities.

The Rig: I started with a bone stock 2004 Nissan Xterra Xe, from there I started by doing a 2″ body lift, with a 1.5″ poor man suspension lift to go with it $100 total. I am currently running 33 inch Federal Couragia M/T tires on it $800. On the outside I added 6 Cree LED pod lights to help with driving at night in the mountains and on the trails $150. We then added a Mombasa roof top tent that I found used for an amazing deal at $400. It also has a ARB 2500×2500 Awning with attachable room $500. Then came the Champion 10,000 lb winch another good deal at $250 used. That one took a fair amount of modification to get it to fit. On the inside we have a Viair Heavy Duty on Board Air 10005 $295. I decided to build a pull out kitchen that has a Coleman Guide 2 Burner dual fuel stove $100. Next to that is a Velocity Vault gun safe that keeps my pistol close by $60. We also have a Koolatron p25 12 volt cooler $60. I plan on putting in an on board water system when the weather warms up a bit. Total build cost $2,715.00

With all that said we keep enough food, water and camping supplies to be prepared for a 3 day spur of the moment camping trip or survival situation at all times. we also have all the necessities for camping sleeping bags and chairs as well as a number of unnecessary items including a pocket projector and an inflatable couch to relax on, plus 2 parachute hammocks so we can head out from base camp and see the world. All of this just so we can head out at a moments notice and enjoy the small amount of time we have to be in the outdoors. I will post of few links below to our YouTube channel so you can see everything in more detail. I also plan on posting some reviews of our gear here in the next few days.  I hope you will continue to check back in often so I can show you that you can get out and enjoy this wonderful landscape that we get to wake up in every day. My goal is to find more affordable ways for people to get out and live life. Please check out the blog as well as the store and take the first steps to take back your time, you’ve earned it.

Crucible Outdoors.

YouTube Links: Overview of base camp part 1. Overview of Base Camp Part 2.

In trying to keep this somewhat short I will post only those two links.